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Gerhard De Bruin


Welcome to DBT

Professional triathlete Gerhard de Bruin founded DBT in 2006. After years of participating in triathlon training camps, Gerhard set out to establish his own unique camp that allows the athlete to focus solely on training, eating, learning, and having fun!

Our founder, Gerhard de Bruin, grew up in the Free State region and knows the territory's best routes to train. His triathlon career began in 2000 and ever since then – he has been competing against some of the best triathletes in the world. Gerhard's supportive and optimistic nature means he will get the very best out of you during your time with us. 

We build experiences that enlighten, inspire, and empower age group and professional triathletes in a friendly, family‐style training environment.

Our Approach

DBT Triathlon Training Camps specialises in recreation and excels in designing the greatest camps in the world. We attract from first timers to dedicated triathletes who are seeking training grounds with expert staff, great accommodation, and nutritious meals prepared by our camp chef. Here at DBT – you will have the best time of your life on a bicycle, in a pair of trainers, and a wetsuit. Guaranteed.

Science plays a vital role in triathlon coaching, so we regularly engross ourselves in the newest research available in an effort to supply the most powerful tools to our competitive world of triathlon and to our camp attendees. Coach de Bruin acknowledges the importance of giving answers to questions that happen in the world of training, competing, nutrition, and recovery.

While the coaching force behind DBT may not be the biggest in the industry, it certainly possesses the most adept coaches in the sport of triathlon.

This level of expertise enables us to effectively direct our athletes towards their triathlon goals as well as assist them with any questions or concerns they may have.

DBT believes that peak performance is only achieved through dedication, preparation, and discipline. We believe that if you give it your all, you will get the best. Our job is to make each of our athletes reach their ultimate potential.

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